Voice of Mosman position on "Woolworths Survey regarding local commuinty 2021"

Voice of Mosman was asked to submit responses to questions posed to us about Woolworths before the last council election in December 2021.

It has come to our attention that these answers were not publish. Voice of Mosman cares about of our community as we submitted our answers well before the assigned deadline.

The whole aim of the voice of mosman group was to support the local community and we find the omission of our answers a direct attack on our integrity.

1. On a ranking out of 10, what is your view of the impact of the Woolworth development in the centre of Mosman Village?

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

10 = excellent development, 5 = neutral effect, 1 = major harmful effects and unacceptable.

Please explain your response in under 100 words.

4 because we understand the issue about congestion on military road. We understand the impact it will have on the IGA and other local businesses. Although there is an argument that they maybe a positive impact on local businesses due to increased foot traffic but generally we would prefer to support local small businesses connected to local families rather multinationals who aren’t that interested in supporting our community.

2. Would you consider an appeal of the Woolworths L & E Court Case if legal advice indicated there is potential for an appeal?

There would need to be a big enough basis for justification to challenge the outcome around what could actually be achieved by appealing. For example, you might be able to get them to increase parking off the streets

3. What actions would you support, if any, to minimise any negative impacts of the Woolworths development?

We would support discussions between Woolworths and local businesses to help facilitate beneficial relationships between Woolworths and small businesses in a way that they can work together rather than competing. For example, finding a way to facilitate discussions around having Woolworth provides materials to small business to on sale and establishes working relationship if beneficial to both parties

4. Various estimates of the cost of the recent LEC case with Woolworths have been circulating in the community. Will you provide or

do you support obtaining and making public an accurate costing from Council?

Yes, we believe rate payers have a right to know how much council has spent in order to inform decision around the cost/benefit of legal action to help inform community whether it is financially in Mosman’s best interests to launch future cases should they arise

5. Would you oppose other future proposed developments on the scale of the Woolworth metro, or larger, in the Mosman Village?

Yes, we believe if there is enough justification and community concern about the development then we would be in favour of oppose other developments.

6. What plans or actions, if any, would you support to stop similar or even larger supermarket developments being approved in the

Mosman Village?

Please explain your answer in under 100 words.

We would support a detailed and well researched review of any large development application which comes before council. We would of course seek to speak with the community to understand the arguments both for and against the proposed development and to work with both the community and the organisation which is seeking approval to understand and deal any concerns that the community have.

if you don't believe us, here is proof we sent the the group the email well before the deadline.

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