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Meet the Voice of Mosman Team

For Businesses by Businesses

Meet the team

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding is the founder of voice of mosman. 

Sarah has previously worked  within the wealth management industry for the past 10 years both supporting advisers as well as being a self employed adviser. 


She is passionate about the local mosman community & ran for local government within Mosman in 2021. 


Her family has had family businesses over the past 4 generations.

Sophie Auyeung

Sophie is 21 years old and has freshly graduated with a Bachelors’ degree of Applied Finance. She's recently launched her first business with a business partner which is called KingPin Beard Co. KingPin Beard Co is an ecommerce business in a niche male grooming market selling a revolutionary product known as the beard filler kits. 


As a 21 year old Sophie can appreciate and understand the importance of networking to kickstart your career which is why she has decided to join the Voice of Mosman team. Sophie is excited to be apart of growing a  more close-knit community!


Ujjwal Sharma

Ujjwal Sharma is currently a director of both Uneek Conveyancing and the newer Uneek Law. Having spent the better part of 15 years being hands on within a variety of industries from hospitality to IT to Law has helped Ujjwal embody the adage: "Jack of all trades, master of none but better than a master of one". He is passionate about building a smaller world with less strangers and especially within the local Mosman community.


Dominique Hutchinson

Dominique worked in the publishing industry since early 2000, as editor for Succeed Magazine and freelance journalist for Wealth Creator Magazine. Dominique interviewed many entrepreneurs, business owners and billionaires and discovered a lot of these successful entrepreneurs all shared similar keys to success.

In 2007, Dominique turned her focus from journalism to public relations after realising it was time to follow her passion. She loved to network, communicate and organise events so public relations became a natural transition along with her writing skills. She understood the only way to build someone’s public image is through proper branding and assisted many organisations and entrepreneurs with their public image.

Her exceptional media relationships and social media connections enabled her to use proper algorithms to get the right word to the right people worldwide. This has ultimately given her clients visibility within the market place and assisted them with their financial growth.

The secret to her success is simply targeting the right demographic with the right words and then build a team to make it happen.It’s often through the human five senses that a product or service is successful and that’s when sales strategies are put in place to make any business grow.


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