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Car Wash Mosman

We are two young and driven 15 year old teenage friends that have been washing cars ever since we were 11. We came up with the idea when our parents stopped paying us for chores. We started the business in 2018 with just a good old sponge, bucket, soap and towel. The business was very small, with a few local customers that asked as to clean the interior and exterior of their cars. It was going great, until water restrictions put a long pause on our business. By the time the business was able to recommence, Covid came around. We recommended the business last month and have since gained a lot of customers. To keep up with the demand, we have hired a few other workers to continue washing cars, and have invested our savings into quality equipment for each worker, in the hopes of washing cars for many mosman locals. Car Wash Mosman is officially back in business and we look forward to pleasing customers for years to come!

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