My name is Dominique and my husband Luke and I are the founders of White Gown. How many ladies do you know have been married once or twice, storing their Wedding Dress away never to be seen again? I’m certain most women can relate, hence why I’ve taken the initiative to start up this online market place to sell pre-loved Wedding Dresses. I found it difficult to find a user friendly website when I was searching for my own Wedding Dress and that's why I felt the need to establish a business of this sort. Most women know how insanely expensive it can be to buy a Wedding Dress, so I thought if I sell my Wedding Dress and others do too there is instantly a market out there for future brides to buy a mint condition Wedding Dress for half the price. Therefore, if you have an amazing Wedding Dress sitting in your wardrobe...why not consider selling it and turning that dress into cash.


You have to agree it’s not a bad idea. Now let me start by telling you a bit about White Gown. We are trademarked as one of Australia’s largest online market place directory for preloved and new Wedding dresses. Why spend thousands on a dress when you can get a pre-loved Wedding Dress in mint condition at an affordable price.


And once you are done with it White Gown is here to help you sell your dress. Not only do we sell preloved Wedding Dresses but we have a listing directory for new Wedding Dresses too. There are many designers to choose from such as Mariana Hardwick, Bacini and Hill and Lisa Ho, Sarah Joseph just to name a few.


White Gown prides itself on helping future brides find the right Wedding Dress and will assist past brides with turning their dresses into cash. Thank you for all your support and please check out our website at