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Some interesting facts about the Mosman Elecorate from the 2021 Census

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  1. Mosman has a higher marriage rate than Warringah at 50.2% vs 47.9% & a lower rate of people who have never been married

  2. 18% of all divorces that happen within the Warringah electorate happen in Mosman whilst only roughly 9% of the electorate records that it is is divorced.

  3. People are more highly educated in the Mosman electorate - A lower rate of children attend public schooling than the rest of the Warringah electorate as well as higher rate attending catholic education.

  4. Mosman has a very low number of people who claim to be indigenous Australians with 83 people in total claiming to be aboriginal – with roughly 60% of these being male and 40% being female.

  5. Mosman has a higher rate of Tertiary - University or other higher educated people within the electorate with lower rates of attendees to TAFE and private training providers in comparison to the wider Warringah electorate.

  6. In Mosman nearly 70% of residents have English or Australian Heritage whilst 61.5% of residents were born in Australia and of those residents 39.6% had both parents born in Australia. Around 32.9% of the mosman community has Irish, Scottish or Chinese ancestry.

  7. Within the Mosman electorate 42.6% of local residents stated an affiliation to a religious institution whilst 40.1% stated no religion, which is a higher percentage than the overall demographic of the Warringah electorate.

  8. Mosman families tend to earn on average $44,668 more than those in the Warringah electorate per year.

  9. People are more generous with their time and giving back to the local community - 20.3% of residents performed voluntary work through an organisation or group (last 12 months) as opposed to 18.4% of local residents in the overall Warringah electorate.

  10. Mosman has a higher % of couples living together without children & a lower % of single parent families than the broader Warringah electorate. There is only roughly 3% of local residents living in single parent families.

  11. More residents in Mosman live in apartments - 52% of people live in apartments in comparison to 46.9% who are living in homes or townhouses.

  12. The average mortgage repayments per week are roughly $1767 more expensive than the Warringah electorate, however the weekly rent is $50 per week cheaper on average.

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