Simple Lifestyle Interiors

Simple Lifestyle Interiors are an interior design business based in Sydney, NSW. Offering a broad range of products and services to make your interior dreams become reality. Chat with them today to simplify your lifestyle!

Services include - Quick Makeover, Executive Upgrade & Downsizer.

Often clients say they do not know where to start. Their team of interior designers stay up to date with interior design trends and are always on the look out for the best in contemporary styles to suit their clients needs and budget. Each project is custom designed to suit individual tastes and needs. Every project has a different goal and their team will be there to guide you to achieve your goal.

Have you got your home on the market and wanting to get top-dollar for its sale? Or perhaps you want to create a beautiful space for your whole family to enjoy? The Simple Lifestyle Interiors team can guide you through your styling options and needs to turn your house into a designer home!

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At Kayu&Co., Kayu means wood and Co. stands for community, we believe in
community and social impact. Our goal is to uplift the remote artisans’ community
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